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Siri vs PA Direct

Siri vs PA Direct

Need to update this article to the iphone 7

With the launch of the new iPhone 4s and the iOS 5 comes the new feature Siri.

An app that apple have coined as a virtual assistant.

We at PA Direct Online felt we needed to investigate this further and see the impact it could an will have on our business.From closer inspection Siri is a voice controlled task , contact and dictation application.
Its unique features are that you can talk to the phone in plain English and this app will interpret what you want to do this is very similar to the Vlingo app.
So what are the benefits of this siri?

1. You can tell it to remind you of an anniversary just by telling the phone the date and name of the person and event.

2. You can dictate emails by using commands like "email john smith subject tomorrow’s meeting message Don’t forget to bring some biscuits"

3. You can also use it to send SMS messages. 

This is as far as it will go with its current technology.

So is PA direct online worried?
Well not really as our service is a lot more personal and specialist. We find that a lot of our clients like to dictate emails but then have them drafted and re drafted before sending out a final email.Siri is not a capable virtual assistant but just a term that apple has used to describe a glorified dictation system.Our services also include complex spreadsheets, business admin, liaising with clients, contractors and customers.We also find that we are doing lots of research for clients finding solicitors in the area, builders or blogs which are on topic and relevant for SEO purposes.

So if you get a new iPhone 4s with the siri virtual assistant how would you be best to use it.Well for simple things like diary management and anniversary management it is fine.
For sending quick dictated emails it is fine
But to be truly professional we would suggest that you use the Siri Virtual Assistant to communicate with us. Use it to send us email drafts.
Use it to remind us of your important events. Use it to dictate messages that we can then correct rectify and put in to a professional email.
So if you are thinking about getting the iphone 4s and using the virtual assistant then think for a professional solution use PA direct Online. 

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