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R & R Landscapes

R & R Landscapes

Testimonial from R&R Landscapes

We come to PA Direct Online to help manage our sales enquiry calls. After a very successful marketing campaign we could not deal with the amount of calls as it was interfering with daily work commitments. We needed a virtual assistant to deal with the influx of calls. We asked PA Direct Online if they could help. Within hours we had a redirection on. Within the week we had all of our quotes organised for times that were not affecting our daily work. Having someone answer the phone without the noise of machinery in the background meant we could operate more professionally. Once we had used the redirection phone answering service we then required their invoicing and quote write up business services. We would give them our hand written quotes which PA Direct would then type up, then confirm with us before they were sent out to the customer. Due to the success of using PA Direct Online we have now employed our own full time Assistant though i still do use their Lifestyle Management Service so I do not forget the wifes birthday. I would strongly recommend Kelly and her team to everyone. Not only do they provide help to your business needs but due to their vast experience and knowledge they can also offer another pair of eyes on the business, pointing out where maybe we could make or save money. Mr R Fisher R&R Landscapes

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